Teledyne Technologies Receives Contract from European Space Agency

On May 24, Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (TDY) announced that its Teledyne e2v division has received a second phase contract from the European Space Agency. The €42M ($47M) contract is for the production of a high-end Charge Coupled Device (CCD) visible light image sensors that will be used on the PLATO (Planetary Transits and Oscillations of stars) mission. PLATO is spacecraft for hunting planets and will help researchers find exoplanets around other Sun-like stars.


Sonal alerted subscribers about the news at 3:00 am. The next trade was for $197.48 at the market open. The stock closed at $201.40 on the event day and continued to move higher over the next five trading days. Teledyne closed at $205.60 on June 1.

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