InflaRx Announces Positive Initial Data from Phase IIa Clinical Trial

On February 26, InflaRx, N.V. (IFRX) announced positive initial data from the first 5 patients enrolled in its Phase IIa open label clinical trial for IFX-1. Two out of the five patients achieved complete remission of Pyoderma Gangraenosum (PG), a rare and debilitating autoinflammatory skin disease. Although the exact prevalence of PG is unknown, current estimates are that at least 50,000 patients likely exist in the US and Europe. There are no FDA-approved therapies to treat this disease.


Sonal issued a news alert at 7:30 am. The next trade took place at 7:32 am for $4.45. The stock price spiked above $5 on the news before the market open. InflaRX closed at $4.85 for an event-day gain of 9%.

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