Diana Shipping Enters Time Charter Contract with C Transport Maritime

On April 13, Diana Shipping Inc. (DSX) announced that it entered into a time charter contract with C Transport Maritime Ltd. The contract for the m/v Houston began on April 13 and will continue through July 1, 2021. The contract could be extended through September 30, 2021. C Transport Maritime agreed to pay a gross charter rate of $6,250 per day for the first 30 days and $12,400 per day for the remainder of the charter agreement. The contract should yield a minimum of $5.25 million for Diana Shipping.


Sonal issued a news alert at 9:29 am, the next trade took place at the market open for $1.41. Diana Shopping’s stock price rose throughout the event day and continued its gains over the next two trading days. Shortly trading above $2, Diana’s stock closed at $1.77 on April 15. That makes for a gain of 25.5% over 3 days.

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